This week is spring break. In the world of a professional MBA program that only means a partial break–from class–for the majority of our students who are working full-time jobs while attending graduate school.

But even if the break is just from class, it’s appreciated. There’s a lot to be said for the impact rest has on your work, and on your life a whole.  I stumbled upon this interesting article by Tony Schwartz on The New York Times website:

The results of some of his studies are compelling, but really they only serve to reinforce what we already know. Which is: we’re better at everything when we’re rested and renewed. The problem, of course, is that there’s no time for rest! So we work longer to try and stay caught up (or to try and catch up), and in doing so we get less rest, which means we are less efficient and effective, which means we work more… We’ve all been there.

Slowing down can seem counter-productive. But it is necessary if we want to perform at our peak. If you’re reading this during spring break, spend at least some of your vacant class time not getting caught up, but on relaxing. If you’re reading this (or the above-mentioned article) some other time, try and carve out some time to decompress. Be purposeful about it. The results might just surprise you.