The “Future Students” tab on our website has an entire section devoted to the admissions process. And while it is pretty straightforward some prospective students may find it helpful to discuss the different parts of the application process in more detail. In this post we’ll talk about the ApplyTexas online application and transcripts. We will also explain the Texas State Graduate College.

First things first: ApplyTexas is a website that allows you to apply to multiple universities and programs. Texas State utilizes this website and it’s how you apply to the university. The fee–as of this post–is $40 for US students and $90 for international students (those students who graduated from a non-US institution). The difference in the fee has to do with the conversion and/or interpretation of international transcripts.

Transcripts should be requested from any higher education institution that you have attended. This includes junior colleges, community colleges, colleges and universities. The only exception is if you have attended Texas State (or any of the name variants!): transcripts from our university are obtained automatically and you do not need to request them from the Texas State Registrar’s Office. Ideally you can get your school/college/university to send the transcript directly to the Graduate College, which is the intake point for all of your application documents. “But I opened my mailbox and they sent it to me!” No worries. Don’t open it and send it to the Graduate College in another envelope. Or hand-deliver it. As long as it’s sealed you’re fine.

Occasionally, prospective students will ask about dual-credit courses they took in high school. In terms of our application process you can just submit the transcript that originally captured that credit; you do not need to submit your high school transcripts to the Graduate College.

Speaking of the Graduate College, it’s worth explaining how Texas State is structured. The Graduate College is an independent college at Texas State but they do not offer any academic programs. Instead, they are the central intake point for all graduate applications across the entire university. They also serve as a clearinghouse for all graduate-related issues. Even though you are applying to McCoy, everything you submit goes directly to the Graduate College.

I hope this is helpful. In part 2 we’ll discuss the GMAT/GRE and your resume.