0511-1107-2816-5543_Student_frustrated_with_difficult_math_clipart_imageWithout a doubt, for me the most difficult course in the MBA program was Dr. Gowens’ Managerial Economics class. The challenging material was compounded by the fact that 1) I took the course in a 5-week summer session, and 2) I had limited calculus prior to that class. The only reason I mention this is because I’ve been talking to MBA students this week who are currently in that same class and feeling very challenged! The good news is this: It’s an awesome course taught by an amazing professor. And in 5 (short) weeks it will be over!

Reflecting on my own experiences, I made a huge mistake. And I want to share that with the hope you can avoid making the same one. In the midst of that very difficult course I failed to see just what a great instrutor Dr. Gowens was (and still is). Not only is he a subject matter expert but he cares deeply about teaching, and about his students. I should have capitalized on that but instead I focused on the difficulty of the material and spent more time being frustrated than I should have. What I SHOULD have done was admit my areas of weakness (calculus) and spent some time with Dr. Gowens, which he readily offered to all the students in that class.

I know this is far easier said than done, but especially at the graduate level don’t ever let your frustration prevent you from asking for help. We don’t come into the program with an MBA, and no one expects that. If you find yourself in a difficult course with a fantastic professor like Dr. Gowens take advantage of their knowledge and reach out.