As our blog gets kicked off we thought now would be a good time to introduce ourselves. I’m Matt Painter, Director of the McCoy MBA Program at Texas State University. The other main contributor to this blog is Brittany Bowden, Graduate Academic Advisor for McCoy Graduate Programs. Brittany will introduce herself in the next post.

I am a graduate of the McCoy MBA program and had a fantastic experience as a graduate student. I attended primarily at the Round Rock Campus and the convenience of that facility was one of the main factors that motivated me to stop talking about grad school and do it.

While attending Texas State I served as the general manager for a local publishing company, JG Media, and I continued to work there after graduating. In 2011 I had the opportunity to work as the vice president of operations for All the while I was a vocal advocate for the McCoy MBA program and spoke regularly at MBA Information Sessions.

In 2011 I had the opportunity to come to work as the MBA Director here at McCoy. As much as I enjoyed what I was doing at the move to McCoy was a no-brainer. Get paid to do something I’m passionate about? Yes, please!

Brittany is also a graduate of the program and I think this gives us both an advantage in terms of perspective. Many people could give you an administrative overview of our program but we’ve been there. Are we biased? Yes, a little. But we strive to be objective in the information we offer so you can make an informed, fact-based decision about graduate school.

I split my time between the San Marcos and Round Rock campuses so meeting with prospective and current students is always easy to do regardless of location. In addition to my role as the MBA program director I am also the instructor for the MBA internship course, MGT-5395. So if you’re interested in doing an internship for course credit we should talk.


And that’s it! I am married, have two dogs, three fish, a vintage motorcycle, and a 16-month old son named Will who torments said dogs and fish.

You can email me,, call me, 512-245-3591, or catch up with me on Facebook or LinkedIn. If there’s anything I can help you with please don’t hesitate to contact me.